1. 21st was formally started in 2010 by John R Perkins Jr out of a love of shooting and a desire to supply precision enthusiasts with the best       equipment he could design. Before 21st century we were known as PSP manufacturing supplying quality RC airplane parts to the hobbyist and JRP Machine products a do it all Machine shop. All in All, we have been in Business since 1985.
  2. Some of our most popular products are the caliber specific mandrels which run half thousandth sizes they allow the reloader to really dial in the neck tension in a simple easy to do process, Our power Neck Turning Lathe with its accuracy and ease of operation, the Super Precision Click Head Priming tool and the Hydro Bullet Seater which are both simple and accurate.
  3. I would say people love our products because of the ease of operation, the engineering that goes into them and the superior quality and customer service that comes with each purchase. 
  4. Our most exciting new product being the Patented Hybrid X front rest which is already available for purchase. This rest is compliant across multiple disciplines of shooting competitions and is totally unique to the rest market with 6 years of research and development put into it before its release. 
  5. All our products are manufactured, produced and assembled in America we do not subcontract anything out to other machine shops. Everything is built in one shop in Ossian, Indiana and is family owned and operated.


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