Steve's WS UPDATE! 05.05.2021

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We’re expecting a 40' container at the end of this week.
That means we’ll be sending out around 10,000kgs of ammunition and components to all of you, including some good basic stock from Hornady.
The next shipment is teed up for the 1st of July.
Again, Hornady continues to deliver a good supply of product to us including more components. This next order has 6.5mm 143gr ELD-X and 147gr ELD-M projectiles on board, albeit supplied in limited quantities.
In better news, there will be a good amount of 17HMR, 22mag and other rimfire ammunition from that shipment to go around.
Please appreciate that supply is difficult, and shipping is backlogged.
While each delivery may have its gaps, or delays, Hornady are doing whatever they can to continue to supply us and we are doing our very best to share the limited amounts of product we do receive as fairly as possible.
We ask for your patience for now as we are all trying to keep our customers happy during what is a challenging situation.

ADI Container Planned for October


 ADI are planning to get another powder shipment to us in October.

It will have good amounts of 2206H, 2208, 2209, 2213SC.
There will also be a very limited amount of 2225 but it will be in 4kg bottles only.
Remember that most of the rifle powders are now in 1kg tins, not 500 grams.
Sorry, but ADI won’t be supplying any Trail Boss, pistol or shotgun powders until 2022.

Warning – Price Pending Increases

Hornady are putting all prices up 7 to 15% on the 1st of June. This will take effect here around August.
MTM is going up 12% 
Nosler will be up 9%.
These are unlikely to be the only increases we see since all metal prices have jumped up a lot, especially copper.