Steve's Wholesale Update 09.12.2021

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Important Shipping Update

Our ADI Gunpowder Container was turned away at the port today and not loaded on the booked sailing. We don't know why just yet but it's now a waiting game for another ship, hopefully in a few weeks' time.  Looking like our delivery around NZ will be North Island later in Jan and South Island in Feb 2022..

Some good news is our 40' container of Hornady etc is released and is waiting to be trucked down to WGTN.. hope to be packing orders from Monday onwards. [Note all the USA supplied gunpowders missed this container]

More good news because we need it... Hornady is suppling us a record quantity of goods for a Feb 2022 arrival here... we have now booked 2 x 40' cans to cover the large volume of goods coming including most of our brands and a good amount of USA-made gunpowders except Alliant. There will be plenty of 7mm08, 6.5 ELD-M Match projectiles, 308 American Whitetail, 6.5 PRC in Match ammo, 6.5 Creedmoor, 44 Mag, .22 Magnum, 300WSM, 7mmMag limited, 17HMR limited.

Everyone try and have a Christmas holiday to put 2021 behind us. We will be open most trading days over the holidays.