NZ Ammo Update

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To all our loyal customers;
As many will know – we are in a global supply crisis at the moment. The supply of shooting related products has simply become a lot harder due to:
Constrained manufacturer capacity related to increased US demand.
Freight issues.
Increased regulatory barriers.
We have responded to these challenges sensibly; and we are predicting the situation to last for a number of years.
Fortunately NZ Ammunition Company has the support of a range of quality suppliers in both Europe and in the US. We are working with these great companies every day to get the right products to kiwi shooters.
We really appreciate the flexibility and hard work being done by our retailers in helping kiwi shooters get the job done – perhaps not with their first choice of equipment.
We have a shipment that will soon be arriving containing Nosler Ammunition, Projectiles and Brass; some Sierra and Berger Projectiles; Redding Reloading Equipment and SOG Knives and Tools.
Most of this shipment is sold before it arrives here, as was the last and as will be the next. We cannot emphasise enough the need to plan in advance and be flexible.
We are trying our best to guide customers on to products that we; a) will be ordering and b) will be getting. All communication and planning is enhanced with back orders. If we source replacement product for something we cannot get – we will contact those with backorders for similar products first.
We encourage all of our customers to backorder. Even if your backorder evolves prior to delivery – it reminds us to be proactive in supporting you.
What is exciting is that we have better products than ever coming our way:
Norma has introduced more quality products which are coming on line now and towards the end of the year including:
Bondstrike and Silencer ammunition.
New Bondstrike and Tipstrike loads.
New Calibres – 6.5 PRC and others.
Rimfire and Shotgun Ammo (Shotgun Ammo will be limited in 2022).
Whitetail Ammunition (currently US only – but will be here as soon as we can schedule it).
Nosler has widened it’s Ballistic Tip ammunition range and is producing more and more products suitable for Kiwi’s including:
Ballistic Tip Ammo in 6.5 PRC, 260 Rem, 280 AI, 6mm Creedmore, 28 Nosler and others.
Bulk Brass in limited popular types.
New projectiles and great value projectiles in certain types.
Thank you from the NZ Ammo Team